The Perfect Wedding Reception

What makes the perfect wedding reception?  A key component would certainly be the people involved, from the family and friends that have travelled from near and far to the bridal parties and of course the happy couple themselves, that's a given.  What about the venue, what is it about a wedding venue that would lend itself to having the perfect wedding reception?  At Sweet Magnolia Estate we believe we've created an ideal place to have it.

It starts with the convenience of having a beautiful outdoor wedding just a few steps away from our magnificent banquet hall.  Your guests don't have to go from one place to another, we combine the ceremony and reception on one serene landscape.  A perfect wedding reception includes happy guests and reducing their travel with the convenience of one location for ceremony and reception will do just that.

The reception isn't perfect without an amazing venue and Sweet Magnolia Estate has that covered.  The southern barn style design gives it a traditional feel and charm, but you don't have to sacrifice on the state of the art amenities you want either.  It was built in 2017 with all of the latest and greatest technology starting with excellent air conditioning, and you know that keeping everyone cool and comfortable on a hot sunny day is an absolute must.  The venue also features a beautiful covered porch that runs the full length of the hall and has ceiling fans to keep you cooler outside as well.

What is a wedding reception without great food?  We decided that rather than dictate to you what your choices are, we let you take charge.  Sweet Magnolia Estate has an open vendor policy, you get to choose whatever works best for you whether it's a 4 course feast or a more casual buffet style setup.  You can hire any caterer you like or do it yourself.  Of course if you'd like our assistance we're happy to provide you with recommendations too.  The same goes for all of the other services that you might require including DJ's, flowers, photo booth, photographer, bartenders... you have the flexibility to choose whoever you want so you can create the perfect wedding reception that is tailored to you and your crowd.

Sweet Magnolia Estate is conveniently located in Cornelius within the triangle of i77, i85 and i40 so it provides easy access for people throughout the region from Charlotte to Lake Norman.  Contact us for more information.

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